**** Darker Nights ****



Colder than December and winds were louder than spring;
Colours were bursting and birds were ready to sing.
Air was musical and ears were eager;
Moon came down and gave a sudden flicker.
Everyone went home and sun set.
Night opened the dark gate.
Winds blew harder and ripples were louder.
slogans were intese and deeper the noises.
They saw the reality with dreaded eyes;
they spoke with fright but words were firm.
Chambers could kill the whole humanity.
But they couldn’t massacre the divinity.
They used gas and burnt us alive.
Time to rebel had arrived.
We ignited the tourches and marched…
Path of eternity and horizons disappread.
Day by day, night by night,
every season lost its colour,
world became blank and time was dark.
Insanity, it was to make the world an endless night.
Suddenly there was a furious spark,
Brighter, it was to bring on the dead poets and speakers;
posters and painters, films and plays,
World was sad but, they never showed a symbol of peace.
We never turned back and at the end, truth won.
Humanity won and soared beyond the sky.
They lost everything, mainly the faith.
The world saw a rising sun after the darker night.


— Digant J. Surti


  • This is my third original English poem.


To read my second English poem – ‘Broken Friendships’, click on the link below.



Thank You so much for your love and support.


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