~ Broken Friendships ~

Peace had the power to change the world,
once that power was overused.
silence had its superpowers,
but it just didn’t use it.
The shinny lips became the bow
and the tongue became arrow.
words killed the spirit and
made difference between two precious things,
Heart and Mind.
The soul was resting in the heaven
but the brain was being nostalgic.
Eyes didn’t dare to speak,
they remained closed.
Lips were shut and
the shiver made the curve downwards.
Beneath the thousands of sorrows,
one emotion wept.
That was love.
The loyalty of friendship was doubted
and hence the happiness flunked to elevate life.
My emotions were massacred,
My feelings were hurt badly,
I was verbally assassinated.
The friendship for life broke into little pieces.
so tiny that we can’t even join them back.
Friendship was enthusiasm,
it was the charm,
the charisma,
the persona,
the aura of life.
I kept thinking and
the heart started beating slowly,
The friendship never ends,
just the artificiality in it stops after certain point.
The unreal factors end when reality comes at the surface.
Its not the social enigma we believe in,
Its the realism of untold truths.
But still the immortal lie rests underneath our thought
“Words can be the most beautiful thing in the World we live,
but the Words can also be Lethal.”
— Digant Surti

• This poem was my second original English poem. It was selected for the Mithibai College’s Literary Club’s  auditions 2016.


6 thoughts on “~ Broken Friendships ~

  1. Very good..
    Congratulations and hope
    You grow more and more .
    Better with bitter ( BROKEN ).
    its natures
    Love and Life.
    Coin has to have.
    Two sides.
    It can be
    Sweet and Salty.


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