(Totally Nonsense scene where some over smart people are deciding, what is Smartness. A satire cum comedy scene, written by Digant Surti.)

“We don’t use over smart phones, we are smart phone owners.” a Micromax Owner told with pride to an IPhone owner. But a common man said to these smarties, “Nothing was smarter than we human beings. Now the over smartness of these smart phones are using us.” And I finally said, “stop, just stop quarreling, nobody was smarter, nothing was smart unless we made it smart with our over smart psychologies.” And after all God came and said with a slight anxious feeling, “I was smart but my smartness made an over smart world which is making me fool with its fake smartness. Only that baby is smart which is just smiling unconditionally, look at it, does it look smart?” Everybody answered, “No” with confidence but one Indian mother who was behind me, spoke an eternal truth, “Until the God learns how to make smart people, every smart thing will personify an over smart person.” We didn’t understand what she said and then I took out my smart phone and searched on a Google that “Who is the Smartest Person in this World?” There was an error and I said, “Seriously!!! Who the hell is responsible to make these useless search engines?” God said that the best search engines are your precious Minds, “Have you ever tried to click on that magnify glass logo which is situated just below your lovely imaginative thoughts? Just click on it, just click and then we will decide which is the smartest thing on the Earth and who will be the smartest person in this world.” God said this all in just one breath hence God rocked and company owners, mothers and some cool, smarter guys shocked. Everybody left because they founded what they wanted but I wanted to know something very deep. I was still starring at my phone and at the end I threw my phone in a dustbin which was full of dark and unspoken lies, dustbin was gazing on my smartphone and accidentally my phone blasted and the dustbin bursted, I saw one wired thing coming out of smoke, probably it was my heart which died long ago when one over smart, crazy guy invented these Gizmos. I tried to catch it but it was too late. It was thumping and trying to survive in this artificially formal atmosphere. It was saying last words, “I was the smartest and truly realistic thing on this unreal Earth.” It died again before me, before this false world, before these smartphone and over smart people. One thing took birth again, that was nothing but “The Charger, perhaps Recharger of Feelings : Love” I just kept looking at it and finally said, “Something Smarter Reborn.”

— Digant Surti

(I wrote this type of descriptive, satire, comedy cum philosophical scene for the first time in English language. It was indeed a great feeling.)

Thank you for reading.

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