•~़ं In the Court of Sky ़ं~•

Eye balls were feeling tremor. A beautiful scene blowing with brightness focused on my eyes. Eyelids were standstill. Supreme light was glowing from the eyes. It feels that the whiteness of sky have settled down and the obscurity of black clouds have taken the colour of black circle in the eyeball. Water was flowing as sweet as nectar….. A small droplets eventually turned out to overflow with  pride. It’s a point, had the clear transparency, good behavior and hypocrisy of the world was found reflected there. Filthy reflection was talking clearly.  At last the cloud burst. Numerous nectar drops fallen from the dampness of eyes, became tears to acquire the right of their existence , fallen down from the arid chicks and stuck  to the clay particles  and embraced with love,clipped them and disappeared somewhere. After time passed , they dried out.
Clouds retreat and brightness appeared. The divine Sun was giving a message with fresh , mild sunshine, “ Let darkness come, my rays comes every day, you humans try and try, but , do good work everyday.”Eventually, it spans the light, it turned into divine light. Grandeur of sky was caught by the subtle eyes.
Will come again, will come this season to rejoice – evergreen rain. The sky will fall on the courtyard, clouds will roar with cheers, And we, we with the subtle, small, white, bright, beautiful eyes, look for a dry dampness in the world, again will view the  scenes, with  the same wetland eyes.

— Digant Surti.

• This was a beautiful translation of a Gujarati philosophical write up – “Aabh Angne”.

• This write up was  translated in English by — Motilal Kanthariya.

• Later on this write up was translated in other two Indian languages. Hindi – “Aakash Anganme” and Marathi – “Aakashch Aale Anganat”.

• This write up was selected for a “Marathi Vangmay Mandal” of Mithibai College (Vile Parle – West) and won a nomination in finalist’s list.

Thank you all for supporting my work.


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