The Happiness

Happiness is a common goal for every human being. We are happy with God gifted hands and brains. We do as we want to gain happiness. But, happiness is not an only emotion.
Our nature is very greedy. We want happiness without working hard. We aren’t aware of the sacrifice which we do to gain a little giggle on our face. Our muscles of face hesitate to smile because they feel anger when we act of being happy.
Many people on this beautiful world are not happy. Some of them are poor or poorer and few of them are handicapped. They don’t have money to buy luxury. They don’t have relationships to maintain. They don’t have other enjoyable things which we use to pass our time. Although they are poor or homeless, they have a common thing called heart.
We all have hearts, our blood colour is same and we all are human though God know everything, hence he has distributed everything among people differently. If we don’t have things for a better living then we have to gain them. If we don’t have anything to lose in our lives then we should conserve whichever things we have gained. But, what about happiness. Happiness is an emotion and we try to gain it by doing lot of works and things. Happiness is gained and not achieved, therefore it cannot be conserve. Can we preserve number of giggles among thirty two sheeny teeth? We can’t. Because happiness is an emotion.
Sometimes we do lots of works to remind others about how happy we are and sometimes we do many things which make other people happy. We donate, we make other people smile by telling jokes and that makes the definition of happiness different from other emotions’ definition. If we tell jokes, it means we are sharing our experiences of being happy with others, we are donating our smiles to others. When we give money to poor people, they give us good blessings and they feel joy inside that little, tiny, ardent heart. They thank us from the bottom of the heart. They don’t have money, they are not aware of money management though they feel enjoyment inside because they have gained money from others.
It’s a different thing to different people. Let us consider middle class and higher middle class. We work hard and make money. We work for pleasure but with pressure. We gain money for reasons but spend for things which are only for time pass. We spend money in buying luxurious items. Poor people spend money to fulfil their basic necessity. Happiness is different for everyone. But, when we realize someone is in deep sorrow, we try to give our happiness to others.
We expect to gain happiness but don’t try to give happiness to others as we don’t have time nowadays. When we are not happy, our smile shows darker colours but a fake smile and that makes our God sad. We expect to gain happiness or to achieve happiness. But, have we ever tried to know, what God expect from us. God doesn’t expect. He always be happy and expect from us to be happy and to make other people happy in this long life.
Happiness is not what we gain but happiness is what we give. Give your beautiful smile to others and share your wonderful experiences of being happy.

Be happy.

Have a happy day.

— Digant Surti.

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