Rumbling Rain

Have you ever seen a rumbling sky? Have you ever heard the sweet sound of tiny rain drops? Of course, we have seen beautiful rainy days. We were small and cute little children.
Now we became inconsiderate teenagers. We have forgotten the real sound of rumbling sky.  Although we still hear the sound of rumbling clouds in rainy season, we are becoming deaf to hear the sweet sound of rain drops.
Our childhood was like a rain drop. When we jumped in a puddle and smiled with joy the rumbling sky felt sorrow and said with anxiety “children be careful, you are like rain drops, but have you ever thought about what is beyond this puddle. You jumped in a puddle and gave a cute smile but you have to sacrifice for this little, cute smile after some years, when you will enter into a new future, a new dawn of success, you have to face challenges and you have to face the rumbling sky. You will grow again with the process of evaporation, and will become a drop again, you will help to grow tiny bushes. But the world will never leave you. Dear children take care.”
This world is like a rumbling sky, where there is not any kind of hope and a small light that can light up our future. We have to grow by ourselves and we have to nurture ourselves, we have to train ourselves for the sacrifice and for the struggle which we will do for ourselves ahead in life.
We were children, we are teenager. We are humans after all, but what about that little rain drop that never felt any kind of pain while travelling the rumbling sky where clouds were full of lightning and they thundered when that tiny drop passed through clouds.
We have to be like that little rain drop in our life, we have to face that rumbling sky. We have to show that we can light up the whole dark sky and start a new dawn where the failure is a step to success and a success is a journey from a puddle to sky and again from the sky to another puddle. That’s our life and we have to go with the flow.That’s a nature of the universe and that’s how we enjoy the sweet sound of rain drops.
When rain goes and sun shines brighter, that’s the future where people will never regret about what they have lost but they will fill the jar of happiness with joy and enthusiasm. That’s how we live. That’s we are. That’s us : human beings.
We all are like precious rain drops. Be like a rain drop and then you will realize that the world is not filled with ourselves but this world, this society works like a rumbling sky, and we have to pass through it. We are the rain drops and we are going to fill the world’s mere with our honest and beautiful hearts’ sweetness.
Then we will come to know that, when we jump into a puddle. Our sound become sweeter. We are humans.We can be the future of this universe and we have the power to change the world and to fill hundreds of empty puddles in our hearts with our greatness and with our plentifulness. We are the new dawn, we are the rain drops, we are the cute grisly hearted children, we are the future and we are the human beings.
Enjoy the day by imaging the feeling of being a rain drop. Enjoy the day by remembering old childhood days which were beautiful as rainy days. Enjoy the day by imaging the rainfall of politeness, inner beauty, sweetness, love and peace.

Have a rainy day.

— Digant Surti.

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