Faith & Pride

We are really special and we have our specially working brains. We do many things special with our fast brain. We are human beings and we are the finest creation of the mighty God. But, sometimes we don’t remember that are very special animals on the planet.
Sometimes we do many things which are special. We climb till we reach to our destination but we don’t think about which mountain we are climbing.
We live for a purpose and we all are living our different lives. Many people are very special as they think something new and unique. We can think and react too. But, many times we go with the flow blindly. Sometimes we don’t understand our own thoughts and ideas and we rely on others’ ideas. Many people often ask about what is life. We live to achieve something. We have our own ideas and out looks, about our life. We do hard work to achieve success in life and we gain new experiences and knowledge. We think, to achieve success is the pattern of living. We think that if we will do hard work then we will make money and with money we will buy all the things which make us happy but the fact is clearer and louder that money can’t buy happiness. We should not think narrower as our brains and mind can go beyond our own imagination. Many persons who became special didn’t think like making money and becoming successful. They believed in which mountain they are climbing. They believed in what they are doing. They believed in everything which made them special. They believed in their virtue and wisdom. They didn’t do anything disappointing for this society which thinks narrower. Our mind don’t think, it only recalls the past and old experiences and by doing so, it starts becoming special. We should think beyond our own ideas and goals because if we want to be special then we have to think special.
Life is not about working hard and making money or achieving something. But, life is all out having big dreams and new ideas and faith in our God and in our excellent deeds which led to our success. Life all about having faith in everything what we believe in.
We just have to take pride in how far we have come and we have faith in how far we can go. Faith can bring new dawn of success. We should not expect but we should always be faithful, about what we have done and what we are doing.
Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe.
Saint Augustine.
Our life is all about faith.

Have a faithful day.

— Digant Surti.

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