Wise & Wisdom

Wise wisdom

We are very good in reasoning and imitating.
After all we are wise and with our wisdom, we have created many things on this beautiful earth.
But the fact is,
God has created this world and nature as well as ourselves.
History says that many species of monkeys were our ancestors.
We can believe that because still we do many acts which consider as not so good behaviour.
That proves that we were monkeys.
We are not wise like monkeys and we don’t have true wisdom.
We just show off and take pride in what we have done to this beautiful world.
Sometimes when nobody cares about us.
We sit in one corner and wander about what is going on in present.
Monkeys don’t think, they act.
Of course they have brains and they think too. But wisely.
Monkeys don’t sit in one corner when everybody ignores their virtue and wisdom.
They act and behave with wisdom to tackle the ignorance of this world.
We are not monkeys, we are humans and we have the fastest brain on this earth and an unexpected virtue
Whenever we show off our wisdom to this society, we never think.
Science says, we are animals.
Yes, definitely we are animals and we think, act, react and do many more things which animals can’t do with their wisdom.
We all have seen ants.
and we haven’t just seen them, we have played with ants a lot in our childhood.
Ants are the best illustrations.
We are not living our life freely, we are living our lives between concrete, huge, strong walls.
Ants climb walls and we oftenly see them climbing walls.
They usually walks together in a row.
But sometimes an ant falls.
That ant starts climbing that wall again,
It falls again, it climbs.
When at last that ant reaches at its destination with its struggle and determination, it never shows off, it even don’t care about other ants’ ignorance.
Ant doesn’t think about old defeats and climbs again and again because it is aware of the true wisdom.
Whereas we don’t behave like ants.
If we fall, we decide not to climb that wall or a mountain again.
We just show off, how much we have struggled to reach to the top of the mountain of success. We regret about our old deeds which led to our failure.
Failure is half success.
And ants really mean it.
What about monkeys.
Monkeys are really very irritating when they show off their skills of wilderness.
What do they do?
They don’t regret like us, they swing on delicate branches and jump in the open air.
They don’t have mobile phones, though they communicate with warm emotions of love and affection.
We are totally different.
We have costly, precious mobiles though we don’t communicate with that true feeling of love.
We do as we think and it is a law of universe.
We don’t do things like monkeys.
We ( our enactors ) had survived all these ages of past by imitating animals.
They were wise enough and they had an extraordinary wisdom to live lives with differently planned patterns.
Animals taught us how to prepare a shelter to protect ourselves with this untamed wilderness of nature and now by learning a lot about shelters, we have created a jungle of cement on this sacred, beautifully made heaven.
We have changed ourselves.
Of course the change is a law of nature but we not only have changed this world with our thinking but also we have changed the actions and reactions of our mind and body.
We have learned a lot with the help of some important elements of this greeny, mother nature.
But we can’t reason, why we have changed a lot.
We can’t think beyond our wisdom.
We all have same color of blood and a powerful brain to perform every action.
We are forgetting something behind this progressive development of human minds.
We have forgotten that we are also an element of this god made nature.
We are the finest creation of god.
After all we are human beings.
Today, to live, to survive, to act and to think wisely, we just have to imitate the nature, not with our body elements but with our fabulous minds and with a greatness and copiousness of our unbreakable hearts.
We all have wisdom tooth and we all have our wise mothers.
Nature is also our mother.
We should respect her and just think about her, we should not show off our wisdom.
We should do things with hearts, not with brains.
We should use our wisdom is thinking beyond our own imaginations.
When we will be able to do that.
We will become wiser enough to tackle the opposition of society.
We will never sit in a corner.
When we will use our wisdom wisely, our corners will become multidimensional mountain of triumph.
When we will use our wise minds in true sense.
We will come to know that, our old defeats were our true teachers.
We will never regret when we will become wiser.
We have to become a wise human being.
After all the mighty God has created ourselves with his wisdom and we have to prove that our god is wiser and the wisest.

Be wise.

Have a wise day.

— Digant Surti.

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