Double Negation

Double Negation.

There is a principle of double negation in logic to prove an argument.
Logic students know the characteristics of this principle and its uses very well.
But we can coordinate this principle with our life.

Double negation means two negative signs. ‘~~’ this is a symbol of double negation.
Double negation makes a variable positive.

In life there are lots of negative things.
There is a dark, dense, forest of negativities in our heart.
When we start realizing our weaken sides.
We also realize that there are not only negativity in our heart but also an expression of anxiety.

Our life is dependant on two things.
First is how we look things and second is how we assume things.
Assumptions make ourselves worry and tense where a proper out look makes us happy.

When someone is going to fall and we know that very well.
We often say that, don’t fall.
We can say, be careful instead.
When a milkman brings a bottle of milk and it is half empty, we don’t realize that half of the bottle is filled with milk.
But the fact is whole bottle is filled with two different things, milk and air.

The reason behind these things is our human psychology.
We never think what is true. We never realize what is apt to be real. We never assume what is undesirable.

Positivity comes with undesired logic.
Negativity is just a hypothesis and it is just an assumption.

But in life when we minimize our worries and tensions and add new experiences that leads to an addition of new colors in our life. We can say that we used a principle of maths in our life.

But what about that principle of double negations.

When we minus our narrow minded assumptions and minimize our outlooks of different things, we will add a new positivity in our life.
‘-‘ ‘-‘ leads to ‘+’. And hence double negations lead to a positive sentence.

When we will realize that negativity is just our disbeliefs and misunderstandings, we will come to know that positivity already exists in our hearts.

There is nothing to worry about negative things because negativity is just a state of mind and positivity is a virtue of better understanding of things which are misunderstood by our assumptions.

Enjoy the positivity of your heart.

Don’t let the assumption make you negative.

Our hearts are position enough to change some misunderstandings of other people.

Change yourself with an inner positive spirit.

Change the society with your happy heart.

Have a positive day.

— Digant Surti.

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