We are very smart animals on the earth. We have fabulous mind to perform various activities. We all are human beings. We have our lives and we are living ours with our own different ways. We all have dreams, dreams of becoming successful, dreams of becoming rich, dreams of having a large relations network, we all have a common dream of becoming successful in our life. We have some goals, we have some great ambitions and few burning desires. We all have something to gain and something to lose and we all have something to achieve in our life. We do something to achieve all these dreams and goals called hard work. We have hopes and expectations to achieve something. We expect that if we will work hard, we will get something. But we people are fanciful. We are imaginative. We imagine our success in our mind and see our distant future in our beautiful mind. Our Psychology is complicated and dynamic which changes with the changing world. Nowadays competition existed in everything. If we want to achieve something, we have to work hard. We have some goals, and to achieve goals we see dreams, and to complete our big dreams we work hard. Then we expect to gain success and that’s a human nature. This cyclical psychology is combined with sociology as well as philosophy.

       When we fail to achieve success, we start believing in our devious lines made by the God on our good looking hands. We start losing hopes.

But it is said that,

     There is a tiny, unbreakable hope inside the dark sorrow.

We never lose hopes. We lose our concentration from that little hope. Our God always helps us and opens a new door to success. But we have to climb or we have to take stairs because there is no any elevator to success.

       In today’s world, there are lots of examples of it.

Today a child expects about video games and not about toys. Parents expect from their children to perform well in exams and do regular study. To fulfil parents’ expectations, today, in every corner, coaching classes are started. They earn well, but what children expect? This question’s simple answer, people can’t give confidently as they aren’t aware of children’s expectations.

   By changing world the definition of relationships changes. Today a boy is walking with a girl called that girl’s boyfriend. But this exists only in narrow minded society. Today we are developing a higher society which is broad minded but still have we ever tried to know what girls expect from society? Lots of questions arise, but we will remain as we are. Our psychology will go beyond something and will break the wall of enigma. But what will happen? Nothing….

       Another example is little bit comedy. If we talk about today’s husbands and wives. They are the perfect illustrations.

       Today a husband expects from wife that she will cook something special for him, he also expects that his wife will keep things on their places as they were. Nowadays expectations got change. Husband expects that his wife will watch T.V. for few hours only. Fact behind this is to maintain the figure of wife, today many wives are suffering from obesity and it is truly acceptable as it is becoming new eternal truth, isn’t it?

             So to reduce weight, wives go to gym and that’s why gyms are becoming popular and in every city there are more than 100 gyms now. In Mumbai it is becoming a habit. Some posh neighbours often ask me, how do you maintain your figure? I always answer differently, one day I answered I don’t watch too much T.V. and that’s a secret of my maintained figure. I don’t know why, but she started crying and told me about a serial. After that day I never met her again, because I was afraid of that she will tell me another story of sas-bahus. But she always go to gym and watches T.V. a lot and to complete husband’s expectation of reducing weight helps to run a gym’s business successfully. That’s how nowadays gyms are becoming popular.

              Now that was about husbands but what about wives. They woke up early in the morning, before they brush, they try hard to wake husbands’ up. They prepare lunchboxes for their husbands, they prepare another lunchbox for their children. They really work hard. They just watch T.V. and take rest sometimes. They always wonder about their children and these all stressful activities make wrinkles on wives’ beautiful faces. Hairs start growing whiter as they feel stain. That’s why they try something special and experiment new, harmful creams and scrubs on their faces to reduce wrinkles. They try new and different hair colours which are full of ammonia and that’s how beauty parlour businesses run successfully. They expects costly diamond jewelleries too. They always speak a common dialogue “hey dear, do you know? I don’t have any diamond jewellery. I want at least a diamond ring or a diamond or a platinum bracelet or a diamond necklace. By the way what will I wear in your Aunty’s son’s wedding. I want at least a one diamond jewellery.” This type of statements make a husband, a customer of well known jewellery shops. Husbands buy precious diamonds for their loved once and that’s how jewellery shops are at the verge of existence as a global partner of our poor globalized economy. After some days and after wedding occasions these all diamonds kept in a locker and shine of prestigious diamonds goes.

                    We are becoming modern and the modernization is becoming too familiar. We know very well how important English language is, in our day to day life. Some people expect to speak English but they can’t, passionately they join English speaking classes and then class deals that “we will teach you interactive English with modern technics, which will help you to increase your vocabulary and then you will become a good personality as you will become good in English. We will teach you everything within 7 weeks.” 7 months passed away still few students speak “inglis” instead of speaking English. That’s how nowadays English speaking classes developing base in Indian market.

              Time, statuses as well as class determines everyone’s expectations. Here are some examples.

A son of a rich father expects I phone 6 or a beautiful, stunning bike called Kawasaki Ninja or he expects a huge amount of money for late night parties and just for spending some. By the way just for information, late night parties are becoming early morning parties in India. That’s a rich’s expectations.

                 Poor people expect from the government that they will get grains in lower costs or they will get true justice instead of further dates in courts. They expect such loyal things but have we ever thought about what the government expects from us? The answer will be a random one. But really questions arise when government don’t care about ‘aachey din’ (good days). We expect good days and government really satisfying our needs. The prime minister of India Mr.Narendra Modi has taken up further steps to develop our nation. Recently he has passed many schemes. One of his schemes is to clean India called ‘Swacha Bharat Abhiyaan’. It is really a very good idea. Everyone expects to clean India but nobody expects to keep India clean. That’s the point should be noted down in government’s dictionary where impossible word sounds as possible but nobody cares. Today few politicians are really working hard and doing lots of good works but they expect few allowances for tea and snacks and by expecting so, they fill their lockers, their stomachs as well. Swiss bank is overflowed by the black money by the way.

                Today every human being is expecting something from other people, from the God, from the democratic government. When we start expecting we realize that we aren’t expecting only, others too expect from us. If we will consider others expectations, we will come to know that there are lots of people who are playing lots of roles and holding numbers of statuses. One man has so many faces and masks as well as natures and when people change masks and skip to another status, change natures, expectations take changes.

                Today we have forgotten something. Today we are forgetting that little, tiny hope which is given by our God. Today a husband works all day to fulfil his wife and his children’s expectations. Today a student studies all day and night to fulfil his parents’ expectations in future. Today a wife wakes up early and readies a tiffin with affection and love to fulfil her husband’s expectations. Today we are just living our life by satisfying our needs and fulfilling expectations of ourselves or others. Today we have totally stuck into a complicated web of expectations. We have stuck into a vortex of stresses. We have forgotten, there is only one who is seeing the world with his eagle-eyes and fulfilling our expectations. He is in the sky and by sitting on the cloud 9 of the heaven He is not only freeing us from the web but also revamping the problems by realising positive energies. He is the mighty God and today we have forgotten our God and our God’s given, unbreakable hope.

              God fulfils our all the expectations but have you ever thought about what our God expects from us. God just have a single expectation from us. He has a single hope from us. He expects that we will do our important works without any stress and without any hesitations. We will do our works by considering our and other’s feelings and with the greatness of heart. We will do our work for the prosperity and not to harm others feelings. Whatever we will do, we will do with determination and with a hope to complete it and in that hope there will be a shine that will lighten up the path of darkness which are full of webs that are made up of expectations. God has only one expectation from us that we will do our work with hope that is given by our God. We will not do anything disappointing. We will complete our dreams and our goals and fulfil our expectations with the help of that shinning, unbreakable hope.

                  In today’s stressful, competitive, disheartened, expected world to live, we have to preserve a faith, we have to be faithful. To live in this world we, just have to have a faith, an unbreakable faith. Instead of having hopes, dreams, desires, and expectations, we have to keep an unbreakable faith. Because,

 There is a tiny hope inside the lakhs of sorrows,

As there is one unbreakable faith inside the lakhs of tiny hopes.

There is a little happiness in these lakhs of hopes, given by God called an unearthly happiness.

For that little jar of happiness we expect.


That happiness is just in our precious hearts which are sweet.

That happiness can be called faith.

It is said that,

Faith is a breath of the world and without faith this world can’t go ahead, can’t progress.

We should not expect from the world but we should always keep an unbreakable faith in our heart to give something to the world which expects something from us.

 World will not step ahead without faith,

From today world will not expect anything from us.

But world will have faith in ourselves that we will do something with faith for our peaceful, precious, beautiful, unexpected world.

World will fill faith in our hearts and we will change the world with that faith.


                                                                                                                                 Digant Surti.


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