The Game of Life.

Sadness is just an emotion.
Happiness is an emotion as well.

Before playing cricket, one tosses a coin.

We also toss a coin of contradiction while playing a game of life.

Happiness and sadness are like both the sides of a same coin and we are tossing it.

When we win the toss, we start being happy about what we have gained.


We should never forget that,

One who wins the toss and chooses batting first, he has to field too.

Our life is like a cricket match.
When we won happiness, we never thought about second inning in our life.

If we lose toss.
Doesn’t matter.

Because, after a lake of sorrow there is a shiny shore of happiness.

Whenever we think about first inning or second inning.
It doesn’t matter.

Because after the match.
Both the team shake hands warmly.

In life, when a sorrow meets glee and when happiness meets sadness.

It is a wonderful experience.
Because whenever two different colored teams play together, empty, green grassed, ground becomes beautiful.

To see that beauty, lakhs of people rejoice the old victory and start being happy about today that we will win again.

We will win again.
We will win the toss of our life.

Heads or tails
That doesn’t matter.

Happiness or sorrow.
That doesn’t matter.

But only matters is your spirit to play a wonderful game that is God gifted, precious Life.

We are human being, we know every rule of life, we know every other player in our team, we are aware of our capabilities and opposite team’s weakness.
We know everything that we wanted to know.

Just now.
We have to toss.
Toss for the life.
Toss to start a new glorious dawn.
We have to stay together as a team.
We will have to play a first inning of sorrow and we have to field to catch the victorious ball of happiness.
While playing the game of life we will score hundreds of triumphs and will catch lakhs of victory.

We have to play the game of life which is made by the mighty god.

Play the game with an intension to win,
Live a life with an unbreakable hope to reach to the coast of happiness and with honor that we are players of our own life.

Play the game of life.

Have a playful day.

— Digant Surti.

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