Falsity of Truthfulness.

When we put our finger on our talkative, Sheeny lips, we try to shut our own mouth.
We try to become silent, by doing so.

We are trustworthy enough and we are following a path of truthfulness.
There are lots of untold stories and lies inside our big, constantly pumping, ardent heart.
When we lie to someone, our heart beats faster as it feels that shiver while telling lie.

There is an untold false and bitter truths in our hearts.

When we speak true, our heart beats faster as it feels joy.

Why this type of contradiction exist in our hearts?
This above question’s answer is true but it sounds like false.

Whenever we speak, our heart shivers and feels something that can’t be define by anything.
When we are silent, our heart beats very slow because it knows very well that when we will speak anything it will become restless to enjoy further happiness and it will not be able to enjoy upcoming triumphs. Our heart become silent.
Our heart knows everything and it can convert false into truths and lies into untold stories. Our heart is creative and finds truth in every false. It knows how truthful we are to tell an untold story to this beautiful world with our talkative nature. It knows how eager we are to rejoice the silence and peace as well as to enjoy the world in a silent manner.
We are human beings.
Our hearts are made up of true things which are love, joy, beauty, trust and loyalty. Our heart is loyal enough to change the world with mesmerizing silence. We will enjoy our silence by realizing that every truths has its own reasons and every lies has its own story that has passed away by the changing time.
We will enjoy the restlessness when we will come to know, silence makes us happier.
If you are in hurry then calm down for a while, take decisions with your silent heart.

Silence is a goal of all the answers and key to change a lie into a fine untold, undesired truth. 
Keep silence for a while.

Try to find an eternal truth of peace in your precious heart.
Feel the power of peace inside you.

Have a peaceful day.
— Digant Surti.

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