Precious Present.

Nowadays we are in such a hurry, we are wondering about the success that will make us happy. We are thinking about money. We are thinking about old defeats. We are taking tension about time.
My parents as well as teachers told me that time is important. 
              I thought for a while on this serious topic and after thinking a lot, I got an unexpected answer. 
               Why do we think and worry about tomorrow and about upcoming future.?
                 Time will arrive on the time, tomorrow is going to be there, by worrying about tomorrow we will stuck into a vortex which is full of stress.
                   Worry doesn’t take away tomorrow’s trouble but it takes away today’s peace.
                    We also keep thinking about old defeats and we start making a mountain out of a mole hill. Defeats are the stepping stones to success but we never looked our own defeats and failures as steps to success, we always tell that they are just old experiences.
                      Experiences help us to gain happiness from our old losses and vanquishment. We all can find peace from worry and from older defeats which are oblivious, by just enjoying this auspicious day.
                   We should not worry about future because future will come with new experiences and new things as well as happiness and we should not turn back and see what happened behind in past, past is gone and that same time will never come again. We should not think about passed days which were sorrowful. Sometimes we become angry by thinking and remunerating our old defeats.
But anger is meaningless because it is always about something that had already passed.
                   We should start a new chapter of our life from today, we should look at the sky and see the new dawn of our success with our God gifted eyes, instead of muttering about past.
                    Past is gone, future will come, but what about today. Enjoy today by thinking about what we can do in this precious time. We should enjoy today.
Today is a special and very auspicious , precious gift and that’s why we call it ‘present’.
Enjoy present.
Enjoy today.
Have a greater today.
Have an awesome day.
Digant Surti.


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