Women are Special

Women are special.
Without their existence this beautiful society can’t exist.
Without women, we can’t exist.
Without women, long shopping bills can’t exist.
Without women, men’s money power can’t exist.
Without women’s intelligence, men’s rationality can’t exist.
Without women’s cooperation, men’s competition can’t exist.
Without a woman in a society or in a home, progress can’t exist.
Conflicts are still there in the society but it doesn’t matter.
Women are developing and resolving many kinds of conflicts in the society.
Without women’s expectations, men’s plentifulness can’t exist.
Without a wonderful womanish heart, men’s love a and affection can’t exist.
Respect is just a thing and a value to give and to take from everyone in the society.
Without respect, women’s power can’t exist.
Few laws and few rights, few things are written proudly in our hand written Indian constitution for empowering women.
But without a will to change and without implementation, women’s development can’t exist.
Without women’s day.
Women’s power can’t exist.
Happy women’s day to all women.
Enjoy the day with the power to change the world, enjoy yourself by admiring that you are such a wonderful creation of God.
Enjoy yourself by having dreams about conquering the prestigious god gifted power to bring the change.
Enjoy the power of being a women.
Enjoy without shy, without hesitation.
Just enjoy the precious day.
Before changing the world with your mighty power, try to change yourself.
Because without ourselves, a soul of a good human being and a heart of a better human can’t exist.
Really women are so special.
Without them this day can’t exist.
Have a great day.
                                                                                                                    — Digant Surti.


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