Bottom of the Hill.

There are lots of people living their lives with honor on the green and peaceful earth.
After few years we will step into a new world of competition where money is everything.
We will have to buy happiness with money, not from the heart, we will try to gain that happiness with hard work. We are eager to know how the world works.
But the fact is.
Everybody tries to reach to the top of the world.
We are also trying to achieve something.
That’s why we are working hard.
We are living our lives with pride but with that daily boring routine.
We always try to climb the mountain of success.
Have you tried to reach to the bottom of the hill.
We always see the huge and copious sea and try to see the joy and hugeness of our heart in it.
But have you tried to reach to the bottom of the sea.
Do you know?
There is another world underneath of our mountain of success.
We should give our precious and important time to explore the inner world instead of the external world.
Outer world is just beautiful but
Inner world is just more beautiful than this nature.
Our beautiful mind is our inner world.
Be copious.
Be beautiful with mind.
Just be a good human being.
Enjoy the day with joy and enthusiasm.
Have a peaceful and plentiful day to explore your inner beauty and the huge world that’s just located in your big heart.

Have a fabulous day.

— Digant Surti.


3 thoughts on “Bottom of the Hill.

  1. Hey.
    I read your every write up and story.
    Really you are a fabulous writer.
    May the mighty God bless you with the vigour of words to change the world.
    Thanks for these precious philosophical write ups. I got nice message a lnd inspiration from them.
    Keep it up.


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